Tracy Morgan became the latest celebrity to issue a public mea culpa related to anti-gay comments he made during a Nashville standup routine June 3rd. Now he's back in the hotseat for remarks disparaging the handicapped at a New York show June 25th!

Tracy Morgan apologizes.jpeg

Less than three weeks after apologizing profusely for claiming homosexuality is a choice, that he would "stab (his) son" if he were gay, Morgan turned right around and made light of the lame and mentally infirm.

Apparently he felt it prudent to warn his audience against dating women with "retarded kids" due to their chimp-like super strength, then segued into a bit about dating "a cripple" on dialysis with a prosthetic arm. Disapproving groans could be heard in the audience, and it looks like Morgan is now on the hook for yet another apology.

Do I sound upset? I like Tracy Morgan, and I loathe political correctness. It wears at the fabric of satire. Imagine a world where Mark Twain had to meter his every statement, where we lose wry social commentary for the sake of not stepping on toes. But Morgan's June 3rd comments were mean-spirited and hate-filled. And his more recent mistep lacks sensitivity and self-awareness, cultural near-sightedness on par with Asian drivers.

...Uh. Oops. What I meant to say is that his comments represent frugality of compassion, cheap shots, cheaper than Jews or old people... Uh. I mean, he should be ashamed, as red in the face as a drunken Indian -- dammit! That's not what I meant at all. Just to say, at his stage in the game, no need to resort tolaziness, even if he is black I mean African American -- er, for godsakes, forget it.