“Arm Wrestling Machine”

An improbable rivalry between a bar patron and a mischievous appendage.

“Ghost Dance”

An unusual way to start the day... music property of The Doors and Elektra Records

“You Are Cordially Invited…”

A melodic invitation to oral copulation!
lyrics: W. Matt Stewart music: Zac Dover

A melodic invitation to oral copulation as performed live at Mallet Players Spring 2002 lyrics: W. Matt Stewart music: Zac Dover accompaniment: Stuart McNair featuring: Dan Whisenhunt

Acting Reels

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

“jack & Jill Do Politics”

Two lovers (one liberal, one conservative) introduce politics into the bedroom.


A creepy neighbor makes his presence known.

“You’re the Ringo”

a dispute about RIngo

“America’s Next Top Monster”

Monsters compete in a reality/gameshow hybrid & anything goes!

“Orange Chicken”

A frank discussion about puppet sexuality.


No one seems to be hiring these days.

Doritos crash the super Bowl

Compilation of great outtakes from the Boiler Room's "Doritos" (Crash the Super Bowl) shoots

Traditional ethnic uncle thinks today's Dorito lovers have it too easy...

Eating Doritos may result in joyous bursts of song!


Eating won't solve your problems, and it sure as hell won't settle your arguments.

Smear Ads

campaign ad 1 - VOTE NO on Proposition Roach

Vice Presidential Candidate Roach Has a Nasty Secret in His Pants
(former) Vice Presidential candidate Roach hates babies

New 'evidence' shows Roach is unfit for the American vice-presidency


A tutorial on how to attach latex face appliances, in this case a "bionic" nose. From sculpt to application.
Bonus feature from the 2-disc "Killer Weed 2" release: Mini-Doc about the real-life 8-Toe'd Joe!

Man on the Street

Probing internet likes & dislikes at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mish-mash playlist

“Monster Makeover”

Two plastic surgeons bumble several surgeries on their movie-monster client.
Ample teaser-trailer for 'Monster Makeover'

NATIVES of the New Dawn

'“Big Girl” by Natives of the New Dawn

Behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes on Native's of the New Dawn "Big Girl music video shoot. Matt auditions to become the 6th Native!

bits playlist

Natives of the New Dawn "Big Girl" music video behind the scenes prep: co-director beleaguered with questions from the band & an unfair amount of guff

A musical plea to join the band

Supplemental NATIVES OF THE NEW DAWN promo - brought to you by The Boiler Room
Promo for THE NATIVES OF THE NEW DAWN Nov 25th Thanksgiving Eve Show - brought to you by The Boiler Room

Killer Weed

A supernatural strain of marijuana turns stoners into the walking dead! It’s up to 8-Toe’d Joe, Pope, & Chloe to beat them back to the grave…

Killer Weed 2

Sequel Ate My Baby

The Making of KW2

cold open
opening montage
makeup & gore effects

art dept/making miniatures

production value. The End.

YellowHammer Films

Brainstorming in the YHF writers' room.
Two roommates discover the undeniable homosexuality associated with becoming undead. Brought to you by Yellowhammer Films.
A cautionary tale about the evils of modern science.
Three suburban youth get a crash course in prostitute disposal.
Yellowhammer Films mockuments the trials and smiles of living with the living dead.
A special behind-the-scenes look at Yellowhammer Films' writing room.

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