Imagination has always been my best attribute. Growing up, I busied myself with projects of all sorts -- art, literature, science -- but as an adult I've narrowed my focus to pursue my number-one love, story-telling.


•  Originally from Monroeville, Alabama & pursuing an entertainment career in Los Angeles, CA. By parts: humorist, artist, actor & makeup fx enthusiast.

•  BA in Studio Art (painting & sculpture) from the University of Alabama (1998-2002) with a focus in painting/sculpture with Film and Theater minors - 4-year member of the UA Forensics Council (speech & debate) High School: Alabama School of Fine Arts

• 2017 graduate of EI School of Professional Makeup, with a focus in SPECIAL FX MAKEUP - 14-year self-taught hobbyist who decided to learn the trade properly from the ground up. 

•  ART DEPARTMENT - non-44 set dresser, art P.A., builder and art swing on commercials, unscripted shows, print, and features (pays the bills while allowing me to use my education)

•  As a WRITER, I've dabbled in spec features, spec sitcoms, shorts and sketches (many self-produced) and story editing. Longtime principle contributor to Temporal Semantics, the official "Killer Weed 2" blog.

•  As a sometime FILMMAKER, director of new media shorts like "Arm Wrestling Machine" (& sketch-fare such as "Eat-Down" & "Monster Makeover")

•  ACTOR - independent ("Black, White & Read""Zenith") - various new media ("Zombie Roommate", "Dead Hooker","The Stacheman"). A nutty character type; rarely the straight man. Mostly channeling my on-camera talents into self-produced sketches.